Weekly Meetings


The Rotary Club of Broome holds its weekly dinner meetings on Wednesday evenings at the Mangrove Resort Hotel. We assemble at the Mangrove from approximately 6pm for dinner, with the meeting getting underway at 6:30pm. 

As you will notice on our calendar we have two types of meetings:

Business – open only to Roraty club members; and

Social – partners and friends are welcome.

Potential new members and visiting Rotarians from around the world are always welcome. President Meredith Shaddick conducts a lively meeting. There is usually a guest speaker and we manage to have a bit of fun while planning our fundraising activities. Remember to bring along a few spare coins for the “fines” session.

 For more information please contact Rotary Club of Broome.

When: Wednesdays 

6.30 – 8pm

Where: The Mangrove Resort Hotel

47 Carnarvon St
Broome WA 6725
(08) 9192 1303

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